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Best Denver Deals: $39 Special Offer on the Dining Out Passbook

2017 -2018 Denver Dining Out Passbook | $39 Special Limited Time Offer

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Get the best deals on restaurants in Denver! You can now get the 2017-2018 Denver Dining Out Passbook for a discounted special offer of only $39 (normally $99).

Looking for the best Denver deals on restaurants? Look no further! The Denver Dining Out Passbook, is a great motivator and guide to exploring the Denver food scene. Whenever you get a craving for that delectable meal, just whip out your Denver Dining Out Passbook and choose a new place to try out. Whether you are enjoying one of Denver’s many fast-casual eateries, bars and lounges or upscale restaurants, you’ll love the fact that you’re not paying full price.

What Denver deals are included in the passbook?

The Denver Dining Out Passbook offers some great deals including buy one entree, get one free at some of the best restaurants in Denver. Plus, you have a whole year to use up all the discounts!

This year, the Denver Dining Passbook also features over 70+ drink deals and discount codes for Chicken Fight and Top Taco 2018!

How does the passbook work?

Simply give your passbook to your waiter or waitress when they bring the check and they’ll mark off the deal you used, and you get cash savings right on your bill after your meal. You can’t beat that!

If you find yourself in a part of Denver you don’t really know, or are looking to try something new and aren’t sure where to look, use our handy Denver restaurant map of participating passbook restaurants. You’ll also see that this year’s book also lists the neighborhood alongside the name of the restaurant.

What restaurants are included?

Some of the exciting unique restaurants included in this year’s Denver Dining Out Passbook include 10 Barrel Brewing Co., 801 Chop House, Go Fish, Ignite Kitchen + Cocktails, Jax Fish House Glendale, The Lobby, Park Burger, range, Shells & Sauce, Sushi Hai and many more. View all restaurants included in the 2017-2018 Denver Dining Out Passbook.

Without further ado, we present the 2017-2018 Denver Dining Out Passbook. Rather than suffer a stage-4 meltdown over a huge bill when you eat out, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy some great deals at the best restaurants in Denver? For a limited time, get your 2017-2018 Denver Dining Out Passbook for only $39!

2017-2018 Denver Dining Out Passbook $39 Special Offer!

The Denver Dining Out Passbook 2017-2018 features two-for-one entrées and other offers at 90+ Denver restaurants (NOT Boulder). Buy here for the lowest price online!

$99.00 $45.00Buy Now