Best Denver Brunch Restaurants: Denver Brunch Coupons

We’re excited to share with you the best Denver Brunch Restaurants! If you’re into saving cash on meals, then our 2019 / 2020 Denver DiningOut Passbook has your name on it! Our city is known for offering some incredible breakfast and brunch spots. Thanks to DiningOut Passbook’s brunch coupons, you can discover some of the best Denver brunch restaurants without emptying your piggy bank. Take a look at our favorite brunch destinations and plan your morning meal today!

Save Money with Denver Brunch Coupons

There are tons of new restaurants popping up all over town offering unique cuisines for brunch-time. But some of the best Denver brunch restaurants have a long track record of attracting Coloradans. We’ve put together a nice and concise selection of the top Denver brunch restaurants that offer coupons inside of our 2019-2020 Denver Dining Out Passbook. If you’re ready to head to brunch, don’t forget your Passbook! The following list appears in alphabetical order and features some of the best Denver brunch restaurants:

Discover the Best Denver Brunch Restaurants

  1. Esters
  2. HashTag
  3. Illegal Pete’s
  4. Olive & Finch
  5. Rosenberg’s Bagels & Delicatessen


Esters recently opened a second location in Denver as a result of its popularity. The restaurant offers a wide selection of food, including some spicy dish options, as well as a bloody-mary and bottomless mimosa self-serve bar. Both the food and the drinks make Esters one of the best Denver brunch restaurants.

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Tip: During the warmer months, Esters’ patio is the happening spot!

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Brought to you by the Tag Restaurant group, HashTag offers some delicious meal options for those looking for a tasty brunch / lunch. The breakfast bar is a convenient spot for you to grab a quick brunch by yourself or with a friend. It’s located in the up-and-coming Stapleton Eastbridge Development.

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Tip: As its namesake suggests, hash browns are a must-try!

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Illegal Pete’s

Illegal Pete’s has been building some of the tastiest burritos in all of Denver for many years now. Now open for breakfast, Illegal Pete’s is quickly becoming one of the best Denver brunch restaurants. Our two-for-one deals are a great way for you to save even more at this fast-casual restaurant.

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Tip: Be sure to ask to sample all their salsas and sauces for a real treat!

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Olive & Finch

Olive & Finch offers decadent meals in a casual atmosphere. With a variety of breakfast burrito options, including veggie-forward and meat-forward plates, along with delicious pastries, you’re guaranteed to find something delicious when visiting for Brunch. If you haven’t tried Olive & Finch before, grab your Passbook and discover one of the top Denver brunch restaurants!

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Tip: Grab a menu and order at the counter before grabbing a table.

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Rosenberg’s Bagels & Delicatessen

People from Denver RAVE about Rosenberg’s bagel’s for many years now. But they’re so much more than just great bagels. Rosenberg’s is one of the best brunch restaurants in Denver, Colorado, featuring bagel sandwiches, delicious smear, and everything in between.

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Tip: Be prepared to wait in a quick line at this hot spot.

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More Great Dining Options Available in the Passbook

Some of the best Denver brunch restaurants are available with meal discounts, including buy-one-get-one coupons, in the 2019-2020 Denver DiningOut Passbook. Are you looking for the best places to eat in the Mile High City? We have many more great restaurants for you to discover. View the full list of participating restaurants in this year’s Passbook to find even more great hot spots. Pick up your 2019/2020 Passbook to start saving today!

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